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IT Outsourcing for Businesses

For small to medium businesses, outsourcing your IT makes good financial sense. The expense of supporting a full-time IT specialist or team can put a strain on your resources – funds that could be better channelled elsewhere as you grow your company.

No matter what kind of business you are in, you have a need for technology. Whether you have three employees, ten or several hundred, your IT can connect and engage from within and without. Internally, it connects your workforce and fosters collaboration. Externally, it provides a portal to the world for your products or services. It needs to be functional, secure and economical, but above all, it has to work.

What outsourcing IT can do for your business

Even though your in-house staff may be able to handle routine tasks like updates, backups and server monitoring, it takes an expert on the cutting edge of emerging technologies to properly advise on the changing landscape of cyber-security and doing business in the digital realm.

A robust IT outsourcing strategy should accomplish these tasks:

  • Allow your employees to focus on what they do best
  • Reduce the time spent in reaching your targets
  • Mitigate risk factors
  • Provide proactive support and advice
  • Offer significant savings
  • Engage best practices
  • Give you access to new technologies
  • Deliver a high level of personalised service and reliable results

Who is using outsourced IT services and why?

A surprising number of industries depend on IT outsourcing to help them stay lean and competitive. With the advent of cloud computing and the continuing evolution of the technology, there is plenty of work to go around. In fact, IT outsourcing is an industry unto itself – a very specific niche within an industry that is already influencing the way we live, work and think. It is a significant factor in driving the UK economy, with more than 10% of the entire country’s workforce being employed in outsourcing, according to the Business Services Association (BSA). In the third quarter of 2015 alone, they report that £2.2 billion worth of outsourcing contracts were signed, representing an almost 70% gain over the previous year.

The future of IT outsourcing

Of the hundreds of companies who depend on IT outsourcing, 40% report that they will definitely be increasing their spend in the coming years, while 70% of respondents say that their spending will remain the same or increase. While cost reduction still ranks high on the list of reasons that companies outsource, there is a trend towards focusing more on building the core business and business transformation. This makes for a very competitive outsourcing marketplace, one from which we can all benefit. Imagine having access to skills and resources beyond your wildest dreams – and imagine those skills being put to work for the greater good of your company. Outsourcing brings it all within reach.

How Allteks can Help

Allteks is the UK’s boutique IT consultancy, providing bespoke IT solutions for small to medium businesses. If you would like to learn more about IT outsourcing, or are interested in finding out how technology can grow your company, drop us a line. We’d love to show you how we can help.

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