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Servers and storage for your business

In a technology sector that has been historically slow to change, servers and storage are finally evolving, in large part due to the need for flexible scalability as well as for more robust security features to protect data and keep all systems working as expected.

Physical Servers vs. the Cloud

With the trend towards keeping budgets lean and minimizing storage capacities with regard to both file size and real estate, many smaller companies are migrating their systems to the cloud. This eliminates the need to purchase, house, run and maintain an array of servers, and also slashes payroll needs by reducing the reliance on a full-time IT staff. Many companies are making the transition through hybrid storage solutions that combine software-based with physical infrastructure, though traditional server-based storage still makes up the majority of the market. In financial or e-commerce situations where a company might be hosting vast amounts of payment, account or credit card data, a physical server is simply seen as more secure.

Cloud servers and storage make more sense for enterprise

In enterprise situations, storage-as-a-service offerings from Amazon (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure are leading the wave of the future, giving companies the ability to scale quickly and easily if they experience an unexpected spike in demand.

Cloud-based storage systems may be preferable to companies that have multiple locations needing to access common applications and data. Additionally, faster processing times and more predictable availability create a more efficient workflow from just about every angle.

Some reasons why a business might need online storage solutions include:

  •  Small to medium sized businesses who can’t afford a large server array or IT staff to maintain it: In this case, a fully cloud-hosted software server solution can help preserve cash flow so you can channel your funds into something else, like marketing, innovation or growing your client base.
  •  Keep overhead low for any size business: by reducing your needs for server storage in the physical realm, you are not only freeing up space that can be used for other things, but you will be saving considerably by not paying for the energy it takes to keep those servers running. Additionally, cloud storage availability has risen while its cost has plummeted of late, making it even more accessible.
  •  Redundancy: the need for redundancy in data storage is becoming ever more important. While recent advances in security features are exciting and progressive, losing some or all of your stored data would be disastrous for most companies. Cloud storage, paired with a good backup and recovery system, provides easy and fast restoration should disaster strike in any way, shape or form.
  • Security: with many new and frighteningly real security threats floating around the internet these days, security is becoming one of the most important concerns for all businesses, large and small. It is no longer about a hacker methodically gaining access to your server or your website’s backdoor, either: the most common threats can penetrate from the inside out, taking control of your entire network before you have even noticed you have a problem. Recent online security software innovations are designed to protect from any possible threat, and are constantly updated to address new known issues. There is no IT team on the planet that could possibly keep up with this trend, and a cloud server could help keep your defences impenetrable.

Cloud or Server: The verdict depends on your specific needs

Every business is unique. Every situation comes with its own set of circumstances. Bottom line, there is no one solution that is perfect for every business. Depending on the size of your organisation, the industry sector that you serve and the products or services you offer, there are storage and server solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs.

If you are thinking about upgrading your infrastructure, call Allteks today to speak to one of our technicians. Whether you are a new startup or an established company needing to optimise your business functions, we can help. Call, send us an email or fill out our online contact form and one of our technology professionals will be happy to assist.

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