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Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Considering the speed at which business move, every organisation, no matter what the size, should have an actionable disaster recovery plan in place.

Allteks provides the latest in disaster recovery services to protect your systems from losses caused by major disruptions.

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes; some can be mitigated easily, some can be prevented entirely, and some are so catastrophic in nature that recovery can be impossible – unless of course, you have a solid business continuity protocol in place.

The object of a disaster recovery plan is to minimise and protect vital data from loss, enabling you to get back up and running as quickly as possible.  Also known as a business continuity plan, your disaster recovery protocol should include company specific templates and Allteks are on hand to help you to accomplish several things, including:

  • Protecting your employees
  • Continue business operations
  • Manage and mitigate the incident
  • Recover from any losses

Allteks disaster recovery and managed IT services and IT solutions are an insurance against the unthinkable, it’s much more than just protecting your employees and physical assets, it’s about providing your staff and customers with a seamless experience that includes uninterrupted access to your services.

Peaceguard Standard –Secure online backup

PeaceGuard Standard is a fully automated online backup service, providing businesses with a fast and reliable alternative to traditional backup methods. Using advanced encryption, PeaceGuard Standard securely backs up your business data to the cloud, with services hosted in ISO 27001 accredited, UK datacenters.

Peaceguard DR – Secure Disaster Recovery

PeaceGuard DR Using advanced server image replication techniques, our software continually updates replicas of the protected servers to an onsite Disaster Recovery appliance with retention. The Data and server images are then encrypted and replicated in our ISO 27001 accredited, tier 3 datacentres. In the event of a disaster, your replica server infrastructure is brought live with a secure VPN connection to the latest copy of your server and its data.

Peaceguard DRaaS – Secure Disaster Recover as a Service

PeaceGuard DRaaS: Enterprise-grade disaster recovery for existing VMware Infrastructure, powered by Veeam. PeaceGuard is a complete disaster recovery solution that restores and maintains your most critical business functions. This solution delivers near to seamless failover capabilities for virtual workloads.

Fully Managed, Monitored & Supported

From single server backup to complete multi-site solutions, supporting your specific needs, our disaster recovery specialists will design implement and monitor the right solution for your organisation.

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