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A Disaster Recovery Plan: Why Your Business Needs One

Considering the speed at which business moves in 2016, every business, no matter what the size, should have an actionable disaster recovery plan in place. Disasters come in all shapes and sizes: some can be mitigated easily, some can be prevented entirely, and some are so catastrophic in nature that recovery can be impossible – unless, of course, you have a solid business continuity protocol in place.

Examples of potential disasters include:

– System failure
– Hacking or theft
– Ransomware attacks
– Virus infection
– Intentional or unintentional file corruption or deletion
– Floods, lightning storms or other devastating weather incidents
– Earthquakes
– Fire
– Structural failure
– Power outages or surges
– Acts of war or terror

Business continuity

The object of a disaster recovery plan is to minimize downtime and protect vital data from loss, enabling you to get back up and running as quickly as possible. Also known as a business continuity plan, your disaster recovery protocols should include company-specific templates that will help you to accomplish several things, including:

– Protect your employees
– Continue business operations
– Manage and mitigate the incident
– Recover from any losses

Protecting your data in the cloud

While protecting your employees and your property are paramount, protecting your data is a vital need unto itself. If your company’s data exists only on on-site servers or computers within your office environment, you may have little recourse in the event of a disaster. By migrating your business activity to the cloud and storing your data on virtual servers, you are removing any possible threat to physical harm.

Depending on the structure of your backup system, you could have immediate access to full file and system backups, allowing you to restore your data locally and get back to work with a minimum of disruption to service. Even if your physical office space is destroyed, your backups will be safe, secure and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

Is your company prepared?

Think of your disaster recovery and business continuity plan as insurance against the unthinkable. It’s much more than just protecting your employees and physical assets, it’s about providing your customers with a seamless experience that includes uninterrupted access to your services. If you lose the ability to get back up and running in a timely manner, these once loyal clients may be gone forever.

If you are ready to start developing your disaster recovery template, think Allteks. We have built our reputation on providing scalable business continuity solutions that just make sense. Using a combination of products and services that are geared toward supporting your very specific needs, our disaster recovery specialists will design and help you implement a protocol that will get you back up and running in no time.

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