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Cyber Security for SMB’s

Is your firm’s data, its systems and computer hardware protected from internet-borne threats?

Cyber security is not just for enterprise. Currently, the fastest growing trend in cyber-thievery targets SMB’s, making it more important than ever to shore up your digital defenses.

No matter what your configuration, if you have a website, use email, have online accounts or any type of internal computer network, you are at risk of an attack and your firewall will provide little defense.

Types of Cyber-Threats

Cyber threats can attack from the outside, but the most destructive threats are more often coming from within. The philosophy of the thieves or hackers seems to be “why spend weeks trying to penetrate firewalls and perimeter security when we can simply send an email to an employee and have them unleash our virus/malware/ransomware for us?”

Using a technique referred to as ‘social engineering’, these thieves try to coerce your employees into clicking on a link in an email, responding to an ad or clicking on what looks to be a legitimate article. Once clicked, they are taken to a site that downloads malicious software onto the network. In some cases, it may take days or weeks for the virus to take hold. In other cases, you will know immediately.

Additionally, the widespread adoption of IoT devices (the “internet of things”: cloud controlled devices that operate on your network, such as printers, appliances, alarm systems, security cameras, lighting systems, communications systems, etc.) has created network vulnerabilities that many cyber-thieves have been able to exploit, using the devices themselves as a ‘way in’.

Safeguard your Network

Threats such as these can cripple your business in a matter of moments. Let’s look at ways we can prevent that from happening.

Firewalls protect your network by denying access by unauthorized users. They can be attached to your existing servers and routers, and come pre-installed in some operating systems, such as Microsoft.

Antivirus software should be deployed and backed up regularly. Backing up is of utmost importance for antivirus software to be effective, as threats evolve continuously.

Having an external backup plan is essential. Being able to restore your systems to a time when your network was intact could make the difference between your business surviving a cyber-attack or not. Consider using a cloud backup, as this offers many dimensions of cyber-security beyond the capabilities of a physical server. Always follow the 3-2-1 rule: make three backups on two different media, and store one in a separate location.

How Allteks can Help

While this is by no means a comprehensive guide to cyber security, the IT specialists at Allteks are standing by to answer any questions you might have. Call today to speak to one of our cyber security technicians, and find out how easy it is to get protected.


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