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Backup, Recovery, and the Integrity of Your Stored Data

As the rush to comply with the GDPR looms large, companies continue to be concerned about their data protection and whether their systems and processes are sufficient. With all the weighty heft of the GDPR open on your desktop, it may seem a daunting process at first glance, but it is our current reality.

How the GDPR protects customer data

In a more practical sense, the GDPR is meant to protect the customer in several ways: first, stale customer data must be destroyed, and second, it must be removed when requested. Seems simple enough, but some of the connotations of this could be construed as a complete nightmare – especially if you are storing your backups on tape or other physical media.

This would mean, essentially, that if an old customer wanted their data “forgotten” that you would need not only to remove them from your onsite and cloud systems (easy enough), but you would also have to travel back in time to your physical backups and erase their existence from that too. To accomplish this, you would need to destroy the whole tape, and essentially data that you don’t want to lose. So, what’s the solution?

First, tape cannot continue to be a medium of choice as there is no way to alter it once it’s been printed. Housing all your backups in the cloud maintains a stable, encrypted copy of all your data, so, removal requests such as you may get from time to time will be more easily remedied and proven if the issue ever rears its head up in the future.

If your IT team is struggling to fully understand what needs to be done, Allteks has solutions.

Backup Solutions

Allteks data centres are hosted in ISO 27001 accredited cloud servers located in the UK, ensuring that no matter what happens, you can access your data and restore your systems quickly, safely and securely. It’s also a fully-managed service, so if you require data deletion, you simply let us know and we will do the rest. Physical copies are still maintained, and a data deletion protocol is established to ensure your peace of mind.

Disaster Recovery

An actionable disaster recovery (DR) plan is essential, GDPR notwithstanding. It ensures your business continuity, and protects the integrity of your systems and data through even the most devastating terrestrial disasters, including fire, flooding, electrical surges, or power outages. Allteks offers DR as a service (DRaaS), providing a managed platform with fast recovery time objectives and finely tuned recovery point objectives to minimize data loss and get you back on track quickly.

Cloud Services

If you have not yet completed your cloud migration, now is a good time to do so. Heading into the GDPR, cloud computing, cloud storage, online backup and disaster recovery are more important than ever. With daily monitoring, an easy pricing structure, and providing anytime access to your critical files and applications, Allteks cloud services has all the bases covered.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is the world’s most popular cloud platform for business. It empowers your workforce through unified communications, and a suite of productivity applications you already know and love, encouraging engagement and collaboration through cloud-connected services like OneNote, OneDrive, Yammer, Skype for Business, and more. In addition to enabling 24/7 network connectivity for your workforce, Office 365 gives you yet another layer of access to your critical data and communications – and where the GDPR is concerned, the more control you have over your data, the better.

Are you ready for the GDPR?

If you have questions about GDPR compliance and data protection, call Allteks today. We specialize in managed cloud solutions for businesses just like yours and will work closely with your IT team to ensure that you are protected from every direction.


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