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How Businesses are Embracing Modern Tech Solutions and Going Mobile

Business owners throughout history have faced the same dilemma: how to run their company more efficiently while extracting maximum profit. In that sense, today’s business challenges are no different than they were hundreds of years ago.

Innovation can be seen as incredibly good to have, providing you with better ways to accomplish your objectives while being more efficient and productive. These days, however, that means technology, but with the constantly changing technological landscape, where, exactly do you start?

Let’s look at some of the ways technology is helping companies advance

Going mobile

A mobile workforce is becoming synonymous with efficiency. Quite simply, if your workers don’t have to come into the office to get their job done, the bottom line will benefit in many ways. First, you won’t need to allocate office space to them. This means you can cut down on real estate, parking spaces, workstation purchases, and you’ll be taking vehicles off the road and reducing emissions. They’ll even be able to spend the time they would be commuting actually working. Sounds pretty good, right? It is.

The truth is, going mobile isn’t as simple as just sending your employees off to work from home. You’re going to need a little help from technology.

Tech solutions that help facilitate a mobile workforce include:

Virtual desktop

A virtual desktop gives your employees access to the files and applications they need from any remote location that has an internet connection. Your employee logs into the network with their unique user ID and has access to all the digital assets they require to do their job. Files are saved to a cloud server, which can then be accessed by colleagues or anyone else who needs them. Once they are done working, they simply log off. It’s an excellent way to track their productivity as well, as your administrator will be able to see what files and programs they accessed, and how long they were engaged in any given activity through the VD dashboard.

VoIP (voice over IP) telephony

Your legacy PBX system has run its course. It’s expensive to install or add on to, it’s expensive to repair and maintain, and it runs on an antiquated infrastructure that is soon going to be a thing of the past. VoIP telephony helps you do so much more with your communications:

Add as many lines as you want with a single click

  • Lower or eliminate toll call fees altogether
  • Improve the quality of your communication
  • Assign unique phone numbers to each member of your entire mobile work force, and route incoming calls directly to their mobile phones
  • Establish phone numbers in local area codes that you want to do business in
  • Manage your phone inventory and updates from a central dashboard
  • Monitor call quality and all other metrics of your phone activity
  • Connect your phone system with your CRM to boost productivity
  • Discover deep analytics to help improve your service offering

Unified communications

Unified communications (UC) leverages VoIP technology, as well as all the various ways in which you communicate (text, email, instant messaging, CRM, etc.) and connects it all together so that your workforce can access contacts and information quickly and easily. Studies show that UC boosts productivity and significantly increases employee engagement, both of which are always good for the bottom line.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 for business combines all of the Microsoft applications you already know and love with a handful of other applications like Yammer (a configurable social platform within Office 365 that connects your team), OneDrive (a cloud platform that enables file delivery, storage, and team collaboration), and more. Assign as many users as you like and pay a monthly rate that is predictable and affordable. Business email, automatic updates, and next-generation security are all included. Since it is completely cloud-based, your employees can access their files anytime and from any device simply by logging on.

Don’t know where to start? Call Allteks!

With so many solutions, providers and hype around what a business should or ought to be doing, it might seem impossible to sort out which direction is right for you. If this sounds like your dilemma, the IT consultants at Allteks can help. We support UK businesses of all sizes with their technology and IT infrastructure needs and will work with you to help you understand the options and find a solution that is right for you. Going mobile is just a call away.

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