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Remote Support

The technology landscape is constantly changing, and with it the ways in which we access support to keep it all working as it should. Remote support is just one of the things that make it easier than ever for businesses of any size to get the most out of their technology.

In 2017, it’s more important than ever to stay lean while encouraging productivity in every department. For many businesses, having a full-time IT staff no longer makes good financial sense, especially when the trend is moving ever more towards cloud-based servers and cloud computing in general.

 Advantages to Remote Support

The decision to contract a remote support tech consultancy comes with many attractive advantages. Among them:

  • Hire support only when you need it: with no full-time payroll expense, you are free to allocate your funds where they will be put to the best use.
  • Obtain the most qualified technicians for your needs: no longer restricted by location, you can immediately access technicians with a wide and diverse range of expertise.
  • In most cases, there is no need to disconnect or relocate any equipment: most repairs or reconfigurations can be performed remotely, lessening or even eliminating downtime and thus promoting productivity.
  • Technicians repair or fix most issues by sharing your screen or over the phone: no more waiting for tech support to come to you means more time spent doing what you do best.
  • Access to the latest security features: remote tech support provides you with advice and unbiased opinions on the latest technology and complimentary products, both hardware and software.
  • Instant access through a range of methods: telephone, text or instant chat make it easy to reach a remote support technician the moment you need them.

 Remote Support Consultancies: the best choice for small business

Small businesses unto themselves are a case in favour of remote support. Chances are, the people that run a small business wear many hats: they are the sales force, the marketing department, the CEO, the CFO, the human resources director and the office manager. While there might be a dedicated person on staff who is responsible for keeping the computers backed up and updated with the latest software, if another task takes precedence even for a short time, many of these functions will fall by the wayside.

Remote support allows you to get back to work fast

With remote service, there is no waiting around for personnel to free up time to deal with an issue, as you can pick up the phone, connect via chat or email immediately. The very second something becomes an issue you can get to the bottom of it. No more trial and error, no more waiting for the technician to arrive: connect to an experienced IT professional immediately and get back to work fast.

Flexible payment options

Many remote support consultancies offer all-in plans or you can pay a la carte and only for the services you use. This offers a predictable cost to figure into your budget, which in most cases is extremely affordable – especially when compared to supporting a full-time IT staff.

Mobile support for the way you do business

Another advantage of remote support to small business is that with increasing dependence on mobile, your IT support is still always at your fingertips. With a fixed support contract, you may be tied down to a specific location. With remote support, as long as you have a phone or internet connection, you will be able to access the support you need, no matter where in the world you are.

Allteks helps you run your business smarter

Put simply, remote support frees you up to live life and do business on your terms. Founded in 2001, Allteks provides bespoke IT infrastructure and services to businesses of all sizes, and has gained a reputation as one of the UK’s most respected IT consultancies. We know that you depend on technology to provide the level of excellence that your workforce and your customers depend on. Why not partner with the IT professionals that can support your vision, no matter what that looks like?

If you’ve been thinking about remote support and how it can help take your business to the next level, call Allteks today. One of our technicians is always on hand to talk IT, and we’d love to find out how we can be a part of your success story.


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